Mind the wash.

It doesn’t take kindly to being clipped by the back of a rigid when you don’t look where your going :open_mouth::lol:. In fact, it puts it out of action and they have to call the engineer :open_mouth::roll:. It was unfortunate, as I had a load of rigids to wash, couldn’t do them and got an early finish (13.30 with a 07-30 start), having nothing better to do today I’ve been “assisting” the shunter. I wonder if their was something at the back of my mind saying: “clip it, it looks like rain.” :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp::lol: .

Snap i have done that pushed it right off the rails :sunglasses:

Our Newcastle driver decided to take the top brush right off,it’s costing £36k to replace it.Dearest wash he’s had,( probably the only wash) :laughing: :laughing: that was 8months ago & still waiting. :imp: :imp: :angry: :angry: :angry: