Middle East - North Africa

Wheel Nut:
Im working with a bloke now who did Maroc for DT. Does anyone remember Jeff or maybe (Geoff) Banks from Stoke?

Just heard the sad news that Jeff Banks has passed away.No more details at present. RIP

Just to bump this up again…

I was travelling down the M5 towards Bristol on Wednesday and passed a DT box trailer with “Maroc Tanger” across the back doors being pulled by what I presume was an O/D with a black N reg Renault Magnum.

I know DT have a depot in Bristol, just wondered if this was an O/D known to anyone on here and did he run down to Maroc??

Cheers, bullitt.

I know an old mate of mine called Danny Fisher from Reading had a black Renault Magnum doing work to North Africa. Wonder if that was his lorry? I have lost contact with him but believe he retired to Crete or was it Cyprus?

Here’s me on way to morroco.

hey ron that sounds like scotch dan or black dan as we called him nice guy p.s. cliff looking smart as usual im hitting the road today freightliner coronado 515hp still eaton fuller here lol but loads of living room

A surprisingly large number of long-haul drivers actually did both Middle-East AND North Africa (me included). As many on here know, I used to write Long-Distance Diaries for TRUCK magazine and I was chatting today with ‘Jazzandy’, who posts on TNUK, about some of the more epic LDDs in that mag. He reminded me about Lawrence Kiely’s fabulous LDD in which he drove into war-torn Iraq and did Tunisia on the way home. I thought that this was a perfect example for this thread and it just so happens that I have the LDD so I have scanned it for your enjoyment and edification. Lawrence is a good writer and a fantastic photographer. Enjoy! Robert :smiley:

Nice post Robert, that’s a great read. Thanks Adrian

Hi just read the posts re Algeria. I am les from Hull and yes I was in the first convoy to travel through the dessert to tammanarest on the border of Niger. Didn’t listen to the escorts because they were a pair of tossers. It was agreed before we left that I would cook for everyone but if I got stuck they would dig me out. I also remember ivory very well, he was a top bloke and John foster also. I have dozens of photos from the slgeria days. Absolutely fantastic times.

Welcome to the forums Les. Hope you enjoy them and can get your pictures posted. You will undoubtedly find some old workmates from years ago on here.

Hi Les welcome to the forum. :smiley: Did you ever travel on the North Sea Ferries freighter from Europort to Ipswich back in the early eighties. It only took twelve drivers, the rest of the ship was filled up with unaccompanied P.& O., Ferrymaster trailers. The steward was a smashing old fellow called Jimmy who also lived in Hull. It’s just that I remember talking to a driver from Hull one night exchanging stories about Tamanrasset and I just wondered if it could of been you or one of the drivers from Wake Brothers. :confused:
And yes we would all love to see your photos.

Regards Steve.

Its great to see so many posts, pics and memories of the Middle East runs, I was just wondering if there are any lads on here who can do the same with North Africa…Morrocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya maybe even Egypt!!!.

Going by his posts Harry has done it with Breda and the Swiss, has anyone else done it and has some pics, memories and tales to Share!! :smiley:

Hope it works…( Unlike me ) :laughing:

Nice pictures Harry. The only one I recognise is the Penguin :stuck_out_tongue: although the trucks in the metal mickey photo look just as familiar. Jan de Lely etc.

The blokes I bumped into were the Snowman? and the Frog? both working for John Mann and of course Lord Kite.

I have lost all my photos over the years but were mainly of the local trucks, gas tankers and long nose volvos pulling containers around the docks

6ae14bc2 I see you’ve got got one of Driespitz Zollfrielager in Basel.From Allspeds office?

6ae14bc2 I see you’ve got got one of Driespitz Zollfrielager in Basel.From Allspeds office?

allsped were our agent at the firm i worked for when i left school - rudi staempfli and dietger horn are 2 of the office bods i remember (mid 80s) ah memories :slight_smile:

Good pics Harry, thanks for that. Are John Mann still going? Last I heard they were paying such daft money that they couldnt get any drivers!!


jj72 rudi staempfli and dietger horn Yeah, I worked for them out of Swiss when I drove for Rene Douve. So it was Allspeds office…?
bullitt Idon’t know if he is still going ,he’s probably got Morrocans working for him now. ( The ones he caught in Spain underneath the truck ) :laughing:

John Mann isnt anymore, bought out by Breda, Breda not going anymore, Bought out by Maes from Dendermonde

Just had a look at your photos harry, they are very good recognise little stevie may from your photos bumped into him a few times anyone know what he is up to these days?

The last time I spoke to him he was living in Sotton but he had suffered a couple of heart attacks. He lost his licence & his truck ( Driving to Bosnia ) & was driving a Transit in UK.
The other guy was Baz ( ex Hangartner ,ex DTS ). He lost his licence on health grounds then drove a forklift for Coca Cola. He got half his big toe taken off after gangrene & is now happily retired.