Can anyone please give me any info on a half decent microwave for the motor? Usual stuff, makes, price, where to get one. Many thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

we have samsung roadmate 24v mircowaves fitted to most of the trucks i think theyre about 220ish plus fitting at around 150 make sure you dont fit it your self it needs to be professionly installed

get yourself a largish inverter (1000w+)and run that off the batteries
then get yourself a cheap microwave from tesco/asda for around ยฃ30

yeah i know alot of blokes that av done that peirre,dave just make sure you get a sparky to wire the inverter direct to the batteries and when use the microwave run the engine as it will kill the batteries eventually

I would go for the Samsung 24 volt model, wired directly to the battery, using the correct cable and protected by the appropriate fuse. I use done for three years in the last truck and have a different model in the current vehicle. Worked faultlessly and never caused any battery problems.

Using a high power inverter will need extra wiring as well as the normal accessory or lighter sockets are unlikely to be rated enough to power it. They are mostly only 10 amps maximum and the socket, fuse and cable will struggle to power a big inverter, it would be a fire waiting to happen.

One other thing to consider is the microwave needs mounting properly, not just set on the cab floor, because in the event of an accident that thing could become a missile and take your head off. Volvo have crash tested their microwaves and mounting kit to make sure they donโ€™t break free in the event of an accident.

Surviving a roll over only to suffer DBM (Death By Microwave) would โ– โ– โ– โ–  big time.

โ€ฆand when use the microwave run the engine as it will kill the batteries eventually

That is another thing, the inverter will draw more power from the batteries than the 24 volt model will. I never run the batteries when using the microwave and have never had a problem with it draining them.

Since parking here yesterday morning I have used the microwave to heat soup for lunch, make an evening meal and cooked breakfast this morning. In between that I have heated water a couple of times and the batteries are fine. Iโ€™ll be using it a couple more times today and I know the truck will still start in the morning. Starting the engine and running it for a few minutes would take more out of the batteries than the microwave would.