Microsoft surface RT

Hey all been looking at tablets lately and the samsung galaxy tab 2 10" caught my eye first , but been looking at the surface rt online today and been leaning towards that , mainly because of the USB port , ill be taking it away with me during the week mainly for video use , maybe odd album etc , just wonderd if anyone has any experience with them , or if there is a better/cheaper alternative ? Cheers p.s I’m not too clued up about all the hardware info so don’t reel a load of different abbreviations and numbers off :stuck_out_tongue: lol


The biggest difference in day-to-day usage is going to be the software: One runs Android and one runs Windows Mobile.

Some people prefer one over the other, so try and have a play with them to see what your preference is. The big advantage of Android is that a much larger range of quality apps is currently available. Windows Mobile hasn’t yet caught up to Apple or Android on this front, but it will do just fine for web browsing, email and playing movies etc.

You’re right the Galaxy doesn’t support as many functions over USB – such as external storage. It does have an SD card, which are pretty cheap for a lot of space these days. Remember that using external storage over USB will probably ■■■■ battery from a tablet very fast.

As for better/cheaper, I’m a big fan of the Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 myself. They have fantastic specs for the price and are well built.

The N7 comes in a 2012 and 2013 model (older and newer). I have the newer one and love it.

The biggest issue with the Nexus devices is that (like iPads) have internal storage only. There’s no expandable storage, so you have to buy it with the disk space that you’re going to need.

Already got the surface now , main reason being the USB , ill be using it when I’m home but I will only be browsing etc , so far so good , Ino that its lacking with apps but I’m not fussed only use certain ones anyways , and I’ve got iPhone so the 1s I’m missing ill just use with my phone

The Surface is brilliant, I’m saving up for a Pro

The Surface is brilliant, I’m saving up for a Pro

It’s taking a bit of getting used too , I’m used to apple lol , how do I delete apps :confused: , I think if windows were on par with android/apple with apps the surface would be the best all rounder ou there