Michelin Tyres.

As an owner driver who looks after his tyres im considering going for ‘the best money can buy’. Currently using Bridgestone all round and while I’m not unhappy with their performance I like the idea of getting 3 lives out of a Michelin tyre (first life, remix and encore retread). Newmercman you may like to drop in and explain a bit in detail of the rolling resistance of the different Michelin tyres available!

What sort of money are you guys paying for your 295/80 and 385/65 Michelins and in you’re opinion are they really worth the extra money over say a Bridgestone or hankook?


Yes we need to know how to work out the rolling resistance without having to listen to a tyre sales persons waffle!
I myself don’t like the thought of running a tyre that’s basically been remoulded twice

you can get 6 lifes out of a Michelin … matt… 1st life then recut, remix then recut, encoure it and re cut aswell… but boy has that casing done some mileage after all those lifes… I wouldn’t have any more encoures given even if they was for free…
a encoure tyre doesn’t mean its a Michelin tyre casing either… some say encores are decent !! but the ones we have had didn’t last all blew out , only ever used Michelins on all the trucks we run …super singles steers, and 295 steers and drives, but slowly trying hancooks , continentals and goodyears now… so time will tell

I only ever put mich on the front particularly after nearly losing my trousers with a drivers front blowout down Monmouth hill with 30 tonne on, the mich probly would have gone as well but I’m OCD about tyres now.

I don’t think Mich are worth the premium over say Bridge or Conti though, Hankook are a tier below IMO but still good.

My Mich fettish on the front is fairly unreasonable I know, I’m sure bridge & conti
Would be ok on the front. Someone said hankook were slippy on the drive in a recent thread, two fellows in fact.

I have tried Michelin 295/80/22.5 steers on the front and I wasnt impressed with them at all. They went like a 50 pence piece in no time.

I run Bridgestones all the way around and in my opinion there the best brand of tyres out there.