Michelin says tyre demand for HGV's is down!

If tyre demand for HGV’s is down so much Michelin are closing a production plant how does that stack up against the supposed driver shortage? Ok it may just be that Michelin are loosing out the cheaper brands but… are they!

Michelin are only losing out because of economic factors as they’re to bloody expensive !
Why buy one Michelin when you could buy 2 band vulc tyres and recut them as well :wink:

Haha can see the Michelin man lobbying government to make re-cuts illegal next :laughing:

Maybe its down to cost id imagine they would be the most expensive? Never had a lorry with Michelins fitted that i can recall. Usually its always conts and bridgestone.

You get what you pay for

You get what you pay for

+1, bandivulc is zb!

The MD said on the radio today that demand was down, as Far Eastern Rubber, ooh eeer missus, now makes up more than 25% of the market…

You do get what you pay for though

had michelins on my trailer crap, had 3 of the 6 where the tread started to come off with 8/9mm left on them, but some cheapos on (not re caps) can fault them as yet, and less than half the price of michelins

the problem they have the cheap tyres are getting better all the time

It’s the way of the world. Hankooks are as good as Michelins but cost a third less, not because they are inferior in quality (Hankooks are standard fitment on new Toyotas) but because a bloke working in the Hankook factory earns $5 a day whereas a bloke working in a Michelin factory earns £100 a day.

michelin are expensive tyres. A wild stab in the dark but guessing HGV and heavy goods aren’t their thing these days despite the old image with those Michelin men on wing mirrors. HGV tyres aren’t high performance tyres and that conflicts with their price point and image. Michelin has always been a technical company at the cutting edge and I’ve more associated them with cars etc.

Oddly, on aircraft I’ve rarely seen a Michelin. On the 747-400F and 747-8F we carry Goodyear and Dunlop rubber. Saw one Jumbo with Michelin boots. In fact all aircraft are generally those two from what I can see.They’re serious bits of high perf kit, but Michelin? No where to be seen in general. I just blame the French :laughing:

I wonder if the popularity of telematics has any influence on this. With drivers being more sympathetic to their vehicles, are tyres lasting longer?

Not many people buy car Michelin tires as well. For example Michelin Alpin 5 in size R16 classed at number 12, number 12! The leading winter tire Continental Winter Contact ts850 is at number 1 and is 10% cheaper then the Michelin, who in their right mind will buy the Michelin, regardless of the size of the vehicle. Even Barum made in Romania has better results then Michelin.
BF Goodrich always has been best value for money for truck tires.