Mh 370

Mentour Pilot has made a video about the missing Malaysian MH370 flight.
It is now 10 years since it went missing.

Mentour Pilot himself, Petter, is a commercial pilot, flying and training other pilots. His videos are well produced and many go over and explain the official accident reports of incidents.
He does use some effects in his videos, but isn’t (IMHO) OTT and overly dramatic.

This vid gives the agreed widely agreed info from several sources, plus some new info.
Does it seem strange that new info has surfaced?
It is like old murder cases, samples from years ago contain DNA but earlier on they were not examined in the way they can be today. This vid shows how new techniques can re-examine info that has been around in a new way.

i did read somewhere they they are looking at the barnacles that have grown on the wreckage that has been found and the patterns they have discovered. Only trouble is it needs the currents and bio diversity that they all ignored and said couldn’t be right because it went down over austrailian waters.

I wonder could it possibly be that they know darn well what happened and are slowly releasing the info.

Having said that i have flown with Malaysian airlines between Bangkok and kota kinbalu (borneo) via kula lumpur and those buggers cant even get the airport they are leaving right let alone the local time and date. also on the flight into borneo they fly 4 times around an island with only one big dwelling on it but don’t on the way back

The new info comes from some very intense number crunching of radio signals at the time of the incident.

They? The authorities?
Which ones?
Airlines? Air crew? Manufacturers? ATC?
Governments? Malaysia, USA, China, Australia, Vietnam, others, all have interests in the facts, but are not all on the same wavelength.
I can’t see there is likely to be such a conspiracy.

old technology allowed various departments of various countries to read a newspaper on the ground from a satellite. It is also established that when a plane went missing over Russia the Americans knew it had been shot down their satellites picked up the flash and heat spike.

If a plane being shot down blown up or whatever can be seen by the naked eye by local fishermen the governments can see it with their kit.

if your intrested in the barnical theory mh370 barnacles growing on the wreckage - Google Search

Cheers for that. Interesting stuff.
Deep sea tree rings.

There are spy satellites about, but not many (none?) are just hovering over the sea, just in case something rare happens.

The know info about MH 370, I found very detailed and well explained, but the new info seems to strongly suggest a more limited area where the plane ended up.

the satalites aren’t at a fixed point. they can be moved… and a aircraft turning its squawk box off would justify that

Try watching the video I linked.
It is about an hour but is well made and full of detail of systems and this particular flight.

Not impossible, for some satellites, but more Hollywood than real life. You can’t just shunt them around.
And where to? They are for observing known areas, not looking around for something that might or might not be in a huge area.
The limited fuel they have is more for keeping them up there over long periods of time, they are chuffing expensive, rather than sending them all over the place on what would at the time have been a probably minor issue.
It takes a long time to change an orbit by a small amount, and the plane could have been airborne for only a few hours after being missed.

satellites can see a very small area or a large area. Planes are visible on radar regardless of having the squawk box on or off. There are enough things around that area and further east that various countries would be keeping a very close eye on.

my personal opinion is that it was shot down bound for somewhere it shouldn’t of been going. I know your not going to like this but the governments of the world don’t value the lives of its citizens.

99% of that area are under Chinese control either directly or indirectly the rest are more westernised and in the other pocket as far as funding and military control goes

I suggested a video by a knowledgeable professional.

If you want to discuss what has been on the latest shoot’em up at the cinema, carry on.

not make believe im suggesting eye witness accounts yet no one has ever searched the appropriate areas and they have all been told no you haven’t found anything no you didn’t see that no that isn’t part of a plane its a bit of shipping container.

From your link
“When the Vietnamese navy sent a plane to conduct a search, it found nothing, ABC News reported. Vietnamese naval officer Le Minh Thanh told that network that the plane investigated the area cited by McKay, but the search came up empty.”

You have also put up links of parts that are from the plane.
So, you believe two contradictory things.

Some of the “eye witnesses” saw a plane crash over 24hrs after it took off with 8 hrs of fuel on board.

Flying into airports it is quite possible to have to fly a holding pattern, maybe traffic or weather issues… Fly in circles.
Better option than chucking the handbrake on at 35,000ft. :grinning:

just watched your video did you notice the part where he said it is likely that military radar followed it further? yet you claim that is si-fi and worthy of Hollywood?

the other issue is have you ever in the 90’s sat in the car listening to shortwave radio and picked up a french station clear as a bell or vice versa. i think you will agree that is a distance more than a few thousand meters

the thing is it ha[[ends every day on the same flight but never on the way back. as i also said this is malyasian airlines so admittedly anything is possible with them. however colon sense dictates if something happens regularly change the procedure

Malaysian Airlines are under ATC instructions the same as all other airlines regarding holds before landing.

It is known that military radar did see the flight.

Shot down on what evidence? Any?
Sending satellites all over the sky to look for something that ran out of fuel hours earlier.
Saying China 99% controls the whole area.

What issue is that?
No one has ever said that radio only goes a few kms.

the bloke on the video did. then shortly after said it is lightly that military radar could track the plane but wont admit it for security reasons then goes on to say he doesn’t deal in hypothesis and diverts to the official excuses.

Im sure you realise just because a radar signal gets to a countries borders it doesnt just stop and think oh i cant go any further

have you been to Vietnam. or even to be more specific hannoi Haiphong or northern Laos seen the “5g” masts with the buildings next to each and every one of them. Have you seen the way the people defer to the Chinese compared to other tourists. same in Thailand although the furthest north i went was chang mai even heading into the hills towards Burma you can see these huts and Cambodia is the same,

No. No one says that. Go back again and see the differences between radio, and the different radar types.

The aircraft has been tracked by the 7 “handshakes” of it’s comms systems when they were repowered up.
But that data alone gives a huge and impractical range of search zones.
The latest data from radio signals between different continents seems to give a smaller possible search zone.