Mercedes axor question

Just a little question about the mercedes axor. Sorry in advance if this sounds a little silly, but I really am a bit puzzled…how do you check the oil? :astonished: And don’t say…“well ya open the front and look for this thing called a dipstick…”, 'cos I obviously tried that but …there doesn’t seem to be one■■ Tried the passenger side door/footwell area as well and also the area between the cab and the cargo section and no sign of anything resembling a dipstick :question: :question:

I’m currently driving an 1823 rigid which I really love (and by the sounds of it, I’m one of the very few people who actually likes the axor!) and am trying to take care of her as it’s the first time as an agency driver I’ve been given anything close to a “regular” wagon of my own. Kinda take pride in keeping it spotless, fresh, clean and in good nick. Even the manual has no mention of a dipstick check, just electronic check in the driver information system - which constantly seems to fluctuate between “OK”, and anywhere between “0.4 - 0.7” gallons. For all the things I love about mercs, I don’t really trust the computer & display system much as all it ever seems to do is throw up random meaningless messages. The only good thing about the electronics is the cruise which is very accurate. Anyhoos I would much rather be able to physically check it myself.

Is there a way? Thanks in advance :wink:

As far as I’m aware,but I stand to be corrected,there is no physical way to check the oil on a Merc Hacksaw,you have to rely on the dsahboard display.

If I’m correct,the amount it quotes in gallons,is how much it needs.


there is no physical way to check the oil on a Mercedes

trust the computer, i check mine daily and every blue moon it tells me to add 2 litres of oil.

try first looking in the handbook
this will explain how you can check
the oil via the cabin and trucks computor
"“OR”"tilt the cabin and check the dip stick
hidden under the cab:

another tip: dont put in the full amount it asks for…you risk overfilling. Well thats what i was once told anyhow.

another tip: dont put in the full amount it asks for…you risk overfilling. Well thats what i was once told anyhow.

I’ll second that!

I had an Axor 1824 for a time last year and I was told by a Ryder tech that if the display says it needs, say 3 litres, DON’T add 3 litres or it may be overfilled causing big problems to the filters etc.

I was advised to put 1.5 litres in instead and then check the display again. Sure enough it will then read “ok”

The same tech bloke even went as far as to say wait until the low oil warning light comes on, then add some oil…

Smile!, youre not alone i liked the Axor too. Mercs come without a dipstick-alas. For now wait until the computer asks for oil. It should reccomend you put 5 litres in,put in 4 :smiley:
If this doesnt suit you open the grill and as you look at it to the right of the rad. you will see a dipstick sleeve with a cap on it. Be careful removing the cap as there is a rubber washer there that you will need.
Then go in to the dealers and tell them the truck is saying both too much or too little oil. They will want to check the sensor but insist you want a dipstick. Tell them if anything goes wrong you asked them for a poxy dipstick and they said no.
At this point they will give you a dipstick f.o.c. :smiley: