Mercedes Arocs Accesories

Hey guys, long time lurker over these boards but finally had to register as I couldn’t see an answer to my questions :slight_smile:

I’m starting a new job today, and they have been kind enough to give me a 14 plate Arocs.

In the past I’ve always had Scanias or Dafs, so I know the different cab types and such.

But I know next to nothing about Mercs, except that this is the wider cab option, so I’m having a knightmare when trying to shop for curtains/seat covers etc. The Arocs just don’t seem to exist! They can’t be that new surely??

For example, are the seats the same as the Actross does anyone know?

The other question I have is, the 12v switch on the dash. Which socket does it control? I’ve found 3, 2 on main dashboard and one down by the passenger side, but all 3 have 24v marked covers on them so I can’t see it being any of them??

Thanks in advance guys :wink:

Petrol and matches :grimacing:

Can’t help on the accessories but yeah, the Arocs is brand spanking new…