Mercedes actros 2007 lift axle fault

hey guys was just wondering if any 1 has had a mid lift axle fault on a 2007 actros doesnt seem to be any thing working from the switch just started today also comes up on display start off aid fault any help would be apprectiated thanks :slight_smile:

Check that suspension tank is receiving air.The tank has a protection valve fitted so that a burst bag does not drain brake tanks and slap the brakes on.The membrane in the protection valve sticks and wont allow air into the tank.The ecu detects low tank pressure and wont allow the suspension to dump or inflate untill it has resovoir pressure of 11 bar.
If it aint this post again and will run you through check sequence.

cheers bking found it to be wiring going to a airbag pressure sensor thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: