medical cost

can anyone beat the medical cost of my doctor at £150 not that im going to use them

There’s a doctor in Birmingham I used that cost £25 or £29 can’t remember exactly, he specialises in doing medicals only, bit far for you maybe for the sake of saving £20.

Birmingham isn’t that far from me i have to wait for my new photo drivers licence from the dvla before i can book it cost me about £10 in petrol.

Deffo the best place to call ast £49 including vast with a clinic near you I think.

I used who charge £47 during the week and £57 @ weekends

£109 standard fee from the doctors closest to me.
Heard the other day though (MMTM!) that in Crawley there’s a Dr that does them for £24.


at the top of this forum is this

The cheapest (in cash terms and travel distance) for you is Dr Crosland at Northfield.