Anyone know what they are like to work for etc etc recruiting national and continental drivers for Leeds site .

Is that spelt right. Did a google and found nothing.

Try that mate :laughing:

Macfarlane Transport Holdings Ltd

Guy I know works for them, he does 2 weeks away and banks £450 per week including nights out. You make your mind up if you think that’s worth it or not.

Is he uk or euro ?

Euro mate. Goes out on a monday then weekends out and back the following friday/sat.

Guy I know works for them, he does 2 weeks away and banks £450 per week including nights out. You make your mind up if you think that’s worth it or not.

By banks do you mean take home?

take home,its what should hit your bank account.

as for the wage its not that great for two weeks away.

clear near to £400 with 2 nights out max,and home all weekend.

One word…



One word…


Took the words right out of my mouth Ken!


Yes, we are recruiting.

Please forward your address or call Andrew Cooke/Ronnie Wallis on 01132
588709 and they will arrange an interview.

Hope to see you on the team!

Many Thanks

Group Transport Manager

The e-mail I got back. Could be of use to someone.

One word…




Done a few shifts on agency for them just after the gates closure incident and it werent too bad.

Just wondered if they had got any better ?


One word…



Anyone care to expand on that.

Are the wagons ■■■■, do they make you run bent? etc.

No one can MAKE you run bent mate.

I know they had a bad name when i was doing agy work but in truth I never had any problems with them.

I use the rule of, if aint legal I aint doing it…Not because I am a pillar of virtue but because its my license and livelyhood…and yes before anyone starts I may do it to suit me when I have to but only to suit me.

Sockpuppet I think Ken (QUINNY) might know more about them think he is from that patch .

Well if you like being treated like ■■■■ by the office staff,who ignore you when you go to the window,work long hours for what is a terrible rate of pay,but do like a nice flash truck,then go ahead.

I did 2 shifts on the agency for them,and vowed never to go back,for the simple reason they want to pay a fixed rate per day,and then try and get you to do 15 hours for it.The days in question,would have meant I was on £6.33 per hour,FOR 15 HOURS!!!

Do I look that stupid?

It’s only when I threatened to bring a load back,did the scenario change,and the agency agreed to pay me overtime,if I worked more than 12 hours.Luckily I didn’t.


Hear what you say Quinny, but my experience went along the lines of

Agency "will you go into Macfarlanes tonight Dave its a fixed rate 100 quid

Me " yeah will do cos im skint"

Get to the transport window get ignored for a while then given a set of keys get mi truck and sent to Foxs biscuits come back and get sent back to Foxes biscuits in and out in no time .

The second night was the same apart from the fact I went to Foxes three times that night.

Now has I see it most traffic offices are full of ■■■■■■■■■ (apart from stobies wakefield) so that is some thing I manage at the time it happens.

But overall I did 7 hours one night and 6 and half the next,now 100 per night is not bad I don’t think.

So I got to speak as I find :astonished:

I have to say my experience of them was earlier last year,and things may have changed,but as I’m not willing to go back,I’ll never know.

I know they’ve just nicked the McBrides contract from Stobbies,and Stobbies Wakefield could be closing because of it,and Macs may be taking over Stobbies place.

You heard it hear first.


Well I’m gonna speak to them. Mainly because I am hoping they will take a new driver onto Euro tramping if they are as desperate as people make out. Wont be doing any of the fixed rate malarkey though.

Abuse them for a few months experiance then either go O/D way or try and get into a proper outfit.

The fixed rate only applies to the agency drivers they use.(Or did.)


or try and get into a proper outfit.

Euro Tramping ? LOL !!!