Mcdowells transport Keighley

Hi there anyone got any info on this firm ie type of class 2 work the fleet and just any kind of info would be appreciated Thanks.

They like their Mercs.
General haulage so they will keep you busy.
I think they are in one of the pallet networks too.
No idea about pay, but they don’t seem to advertise much.

Spoke to a chap few months ago, says he is away all week pretty much, collection and delivery (he had a box class 2)

a lot of tail lift with all variants of delivery points…

Can’t remember the wage he said but he didn’t complain about the firm and said the office was quite fair.

They don’t advertise at all because they have there own in house agency “JMD solutions” . The four wheelers are on different contracts as far as i know e.g thorn lightbulbs , office furniture , original factory shop or the usual pallets, all the trucks are all a handful of years old and paid for i believe, i was told they prefer to repair them in their own workshops to keep costs down. The wages were always on the low side Class 2 was around £6.85ph - £7.20ph - ish a year or two ago. the driver i spoke to had been there years, easy work and no hassle from the office, but low rates.

I popped in about 6 months ago. Got quoted £6.25 for 10hrs then £6.75 after that. Always busy I was told. Stopped where I was for now!

Got quoted £6.25 for 10hrs then £6.75 after that.


£6.25 is that less than minimum wage ■■ and what do you drive for £6.25 per hour

Worked a week for them in a shagged out motor pay was ■■■■■ truck was ■■■■■ jobs were ■■■■■ stay away unless your employed by McDowell himself JMD solutions are ok to talk to and get work from just the motor I had was a scrapper and the pay sucked.

If you get fh04ect a low crabbed daf with sleeper and box body your doing British Thornton job but make sure you take a couple of gallon of water that bugger boils over coming out of keighley toward flappits with only a sniff of weight on oh and rick Waller could probably run faster than it can move

oh and rick Waller could probably run faster than it can move

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

They have applied for a licence to base 5 motors for British Thornton at the EME Office Furniture factory in Sanquhar . Eddie.

If you lot are moaning how low wages are, then you better watch out, that is gold dust to a Romanian or Bulgarian driver who will take the job, wait until Turkey joins the EU,when UK drivers will be at the job center.

I wasn’t moaning at the money although it was crap the tools for the job was even worse

Class 2 work 4/5 nights out, max hours. Anywhere mainland UK and islands for schools/unis, prisons, NHS, retail, general haulage.
They will put you through your class1 if you are a good grafter.