mcd-ltd are looking for drivers in the midlands anyone got the low down on them? Many thanks

I worked there until the recession kicked in, at the time it was £8.40ph, time and a half after 8hrs, £2.50 per car damage free bonus and £21.50 a night out and £3.50 a day meal allowance. I enjoyed it, they don’t push you but as soon as the work dies off your down the road. They took some lads back on week to week contracts and messed them around and put everyone on 10hrs a day. I was talking to a couple of them last week and they reckon they’re flat out busy at the moment.

Cheers mutley, Couldn’t find out much from their website but the advert for the job says you can earn £40k a year so thought i would ask around.

You can earn some good money,its whether you would last a year, once vat goes up in january car sales will die off again i reckon, if you’re out of work go for it but i’d think twice about leaving a full time job for them at the moment

You still moving fork trucks Mutley?

They asked me to go back where I am but am happy on the general side (but a few quid a week worse off) but lots less hassle! :smiley: And…a decent sized cab to live in.


cheers mutley although the money looks good think i will stay where i am