Marios is no more

THe (in)fameous Marios cafe on the A1(n) at Five Lanes End near Worksop is no more. Apparently an artic pulled into the layby then set on fire with the fire spreading to the cafe. It is well destroyed. They showed it on local news. Not alot left.

NO loss
Was far too expensive any way- rip of prices
Hope no one was injured in the fire

Told my mate about it when I heard and he said, “what? Mario’s burnt another steak ?” :laughing:

I heard conflicting stories about the hold-up there.

First one was that Mario’s was ablaze and they’d closed the northbound side. The second story was that an artic full of gas cylinders had come through the central reservation near the roundabout and closed the road.


I’d just been to TDG at Retford to load my frozen turkeys and as I came out along the 620 back to the A1 it was stacked up for miles into Retford and A1 south.

it was a 7.5 ton truck full of steel which pulled into the lay by when he realised he was on fire and then marios went up in smoke.typical 7.5 ton drivers

Lay off 7.5 tonne drivers, at least it wasn’t as bad as the HGV driver that pulled into the Service station on the A14 a few years ago, crashed into the fuel pumps, caught fire and fried some poor sod in the toilet. One could say " typical HGV driver " but then most people on here are a little more respectful of others professionalism.

Hey willy I hadn’t seen his remarks before you have posted your reply

and your very right!!

Mind you I do agree with the Guys who are now shouting for speed restrictions for 7.5ers New ones are now almost as big(long) as 18ton ridgeds