Manual entry

Right I know there’s probably loads of others posts about this, but to save time I’m just starting a new one.

I started driving again 2 weeks ago after 6 years away. When I started my new job I jumped in my truck, done a manual entry for the time I’d spent doing induction etc, loaded up and off I went.

Problem is the transport manager down loaded my card and unit and has come up with an A4 sheet of infringements. When I checked the dates they were all from 6 day before I started working for the company up untill the day if started! So when I put my nice new digi card in the tacho it had dumped all that info on to it!

My question is, what manual entry could I have done to stop this happening? As I don’t want it happening again if I have to switch vehicles again.


If I’m right and I’m probably not, if your card is brand new it is therefore blank.

Was the info downloaded from the card or the unit?

If it was downloaded from the unit then the infringements will be from a previous driver.

If it was from the card then I have no idea. :question:

If you did the manual entry correctly you are only responsible from the time you started your shift anything before that is another drivers doing.

Well that is what I said to the transport manager… That they must be from the unit download not my card, as she downloaded both. She reckons there on my card and the unit dumped them on to it and I should have done a manual entry to stop this happening!

I think she’s wrong but I just wanted to put it on here to see if it is possible for it to be put on a card by the unit like she is saying.

Without seeing a print out, or your infringement sheet, it’s hard to say what you/your transport manager has done wrong.

But one thing is definate, a vehicles tachograph cannot “dump” anything onto your card, with out you telling it to… she’s talking total rubbish.

You could have cocked up your entry, or she is reading 2+2 and coming up with 1 million it’s so wrong…

Well I think it’s safe to say she is wrong and I was right, and that the infringements are off the unit download and not my card.

As I said to her, I was using a brand new card and didn’t even work there on the dates it was giving!

So I’ll be going to the general manager Monday morning to make sure all these infringements are taken out of my file. The transport manager is new and doesn’t seem to be that up to speed with things to be honest!