Manual Entry problem

I only passed my class 2 in August and started work at the end of September. I made an error with a manual entry, which has led to 8 technical infringements - most are are for insufficient breaks even when I was at home sleeping.

I know you can’t change the original manual entry after it’s recorded and I can write an explanation on the back of the printout. Is there anyway I could have made a second manual entry to correct the first. Would you have expected the Transport Manager to have told you there would be more infringements unless the first one was corrected, or is it just those working for a well-known parcel company named after a God?

A second manual entry would just do you more harm than good. A hard nosed dvsa inspector could assume that it was an attempt to falsify the original records.

Your printouts with written explanations of the infringements is fine as it is.

I’m no great defender of transport managers however, he/ she will be too busy doing a number of other tasks to be worrying about this particular event. I’ve never known a TM to go through my infringements in detail, instead opting to collar me and asking me to provide mitigating circumstances or signing them off as a genuine mistake.

If you feel like you need to brush up on manual entries, be proactive and find one of the sensible more experienced drivers and ask them to run through the process with you. Most will be more than happy to oblige.

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I ballsed up my manual entry last night. First shift I’ve done for several years too. There was also an issue regarding my card as the head kept saying ‘rest needed immediately’ Even though I haven’t worked for over two weeks prior to yesterday eve.

My action was to have written records of any other activity that week (and before if relevant, non driving but work related) and then as above - do a print out and write on the back what’s happened. I cleared this with the T Office before even starting the truck. At the end of the shift the analysis software in the office could find no issues with anything…[emoji848]

But the tacho head was insistent. So a possible tacho fault recorded.

I’m sure others with more experience will correct me if I’m wrong in what I did. But the gaffer in the office was a happy man.

I concur that trying to do anything else may look like a cover up attempt!!!

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