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Looking at some of the content on here, it’s Cup final day so are there any men left here that talk sport and ■■■■■■■■ and drink beer down the boozer or are they now too feminine(!) and too busy lurking on mums net trying to find out how to make the bed and hang the new curtains in their 1000 bhp motor whilst breaking in the new wok or whatever and copying the most popular recipes?!

Just wondering. :wink: :wink:

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Already been on Betfair and Skybet throwing some money on the cup finals around Europe this weekend. Driving to a town near me to meet up with mates in the pub and then party on for the night. Get home tomorrow and sober up ready for work Monday to live in a tin can for the week, living the dream! :sunglasses:

So fredthered is looking for a man!

I have often thought that. Worryingly in my opinion men are not allowed to be assertive anymore as they are labelled as “aggressive”. Hardly any pubs left these days due to social media. How many adverts have u seem on TV or heard on radio that portray men as either thick or goof looking with no brain etc. This is a worrying trend I reckon. I’m all for equality but I think society has let things go too far. If you haven’t noticed media portrayal of men yet keep your eyes and ears open. Also has anyone noticed for example if a couple are seen complaining it’s mainly the women that do all the talking and the man just stands there like a nodding dog. It would be nice for men to be allowed to be MEN again. I blame the EU! Lol.

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I love talking ■■■■■■■■ Fred. In fact, I reckon I am quite skilled at the art.

Try Bully’s bar… on here !! which is just where this thread is headed…

This isn’t Facebook… where you post what you had for breakfast, this site is Truck focused, but Bully’s Bar is where everything else goes.

If your bloke isnt man enough for you Fred, maybe you should ditch him for more of a man’s man

JON :slight_smile::
Hardly any pubs left these days due to social media.

I know it’s only May, but this might just be the funniest quote of 2016.

■■■■ you Zuckerberg, coming over here and shutting our pubs. :laughing: