MAN TGA Brakes problem

I have a MAN TGA 2003 MODEL 41-480 8x4 . I have problem with brakes and on vehicle monitor coming this fault codes : EBS 03440-0 EBS 03022-00 FFR 03179-08 . Do you any soloution for my promblem ? Thank you .

03440…EBS…Trailer control module, no CAN reception from trailer control module

03022…EBS…Faulty axle load sensor 1

03179…FFR…CAN data bus:EBS message Veh_weight, bytes 1 and 2

that is what the codes mean

hope this helps

Is it air sprung? The axle load sensor is not fitted to steel sprung vehicles as far as I’m aware

Disconnect the battery for half an hour and let the gates open on the ECUs.
Transients that have “looped”.