MAN announces Euro 6 UK prices

£92,000 for a bog standard MAN tractor unit? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Blimey, I got an r500 topline with all the trimmings for 80 grand in 09/2006 how times change.

They were knocking euro5 xlx’s out for 65 grand not long ago.

It may seem Iveco have a selling point with pure SCR rather than EGR as well at euro 6, whatever next!

My mistake…price is £79,000

Those prices have gone silly, iirc the last TGX XLX’s that our lot bought in 2012 cost £65k each, they are euro 5, the DAF XF SSC Ate that they bought (11 of) were in the region of £69k each, i know these are being sold of cheap(ish) as the next XF is out, but for a 14k increase on a MAN is pretty steep

MAN strikes me as being a truck which nobody ever buys, I imagine that every 13 or 63 reg MAN I see is on a lease-hire contract.

I think most new trucks are now lease-hired.

50 per cent of Mercs are financed…by Merc!

and I suspect that it’s the same for Volvo, MAN, Scania and DAF.

Last year MAN was doing very short term deals on its trucks, so they could have them back and sell them as late Euro 5, low miles, etc to people who couldn’t afford Euro 6 next year.

New scania 450 hp engine has more torque than a 480 man and theres rarely a topic about scanis giving bother. Seems every week a new troublesome man topic appears. You pay your money you take your chances.

due to the cost of items on EURO 6 motor ,all manufacturers recommend a R&M style contract ,have been told that EURO 6 trucks, for an owner driver could put him out of business, due to cost of items, if not on a contract

All truck manufactures have increased there euro6 price to cover the new engine technology plus R&D work

MAN does however have the best Euro6 fuel ratings!!

On average the price of Euro 6 trucks will be £10k more than Euro 5 according to manufacturers at last Mays CV Show