Making an 05 LEZ

I am looking at an ad for an '05 Mercedes Axor 1823 rigid which is set up almost exactly as I’d like but for one thing, it is not Lez compliant.

How much would you say I should add to the asking price to get it compliant and the best route? How expensive and how much hassle are additional filters etc. to maintain? How much do they affect the consumption?

U think you would be looking at £5000+. I only know somone How converted some scania flat beds. The only things that could go wrong are the Nox sensor

Find a euro 4 exhaust of a bin lorry ,I’ve just done one from a merc 6 wheeler bin lorry and put it on a daf 65 ,the exhaust was eminox it was £200 ,just get some one to check the exhaust serial number first and for compatibility to the lorry engine ,then when fitted get a smoke test and do the paper work ,this will get you 23 months grace if not longer .dont forget to get the filter heat oven cleaned .ooh and there’s no electrics .

Get a quote from this firm at Purfleet 01375 372037
they are fitting filters that qualify for a EU grant towards the cost

Thanks for that (and other replies), I’ll give them a call.

I got my 99 mercedes atego fitted with one by a company called cybrand,same sort of price as the other makes but with this one you can clean filters yourself with steam cleaner so no real servicing costs if you can do it yourself. failing that flipping the front number plate down works apparently.occording to some that know lol