Making a Book, Collecting Stories


[I’ve posted this before when this was in a draft stage, here is a much more clear and finished post !]

I’m making a book of stories about the industry and anecdotes about the job, and I’m asking for an opportunity to catch a ride and have a light chat about yourself, the job, and every day stuff. I have questions but it will be an easy-going chat about anything and everything. In return I will send you a copy of the book once its printed, finished and bound together which will include stories, pictures, and personal accounts. I’ll also buy lunch, dinner, etc throughout the journey!

I have my own transport, so can meet wherever (preferably England) and at short notice. This makes up my final major project at university, I am a 22 year old guy in my final year of study.


The purpose is to make a book and take a series of photographs about a hidden industry. Whilst we see trucks and lorries on the roads all the time its still a fairly invisible role in society, and I think its interesting and engaging to learn a little bit about the job.

Also, I’ve learnt that the haulage industry is tied into European Union rules and regulations, and with the EU referendum approaching I thought it would be good to talk politics with drivers who were comfortable to talk about it.

Please get in touch via personal message !