So I’m amazed the council/highways or whatever allow that pile of wood waiting to be recycled next to j9 of the m1 to just rot.

If some pyro sets fire to it or a Chinese lantern lands on it, the m1 would be shut for a week.

I meant to post this in the other forum if a mod wants to move it?

I meant to post this in the other forum if a mod wants to move it?

Which other forum ?

The pro drivers forum I’d have thought.

what about the pro driver arson forum?


Aye, that’d work too. I’ve also noticed there’s a full size power pylon right next it as well which would melt a good 'un.

Just amazed the powers that be allow it so close to the motorway is all. As usual no one will give a toss till the worst happens & then it’ll be pass the buck time. :unamused:

They’ll wait till it catches fire then close the whole motorway for 3 weeks while its resurfaced as they watch the ensuing chaos. Then after that they’ll launch an investigation, wasting thousands of pounds of taxpayers money to establish that it shouldn’t have been there and start pointing the finger of blame at anyone but themselves!


Didn’t this pile catch alight just at the beginning of this year.
I went past yesterday and its twice as big as it was before it caught alight last time. This warm weather must make it like tinder.

Well, the oil refinery that caught light on the other side caused a bit of bother, admittedly it didn’t close the motorway but its not very “strategic” is it.

Is it obstructing anything? Would be a good idea to try and pursue to get it removed, that’d cause havoc if it were to get lit up.

Well, I’m not civic minded enough to try & do anything about it but you’d think they’d at least have a sprinkler system in place to keep it damp, it’s also a grey colour now, looks like it hasn’t moved for years.

Perhaps the price paid for wood chip has collapsed. I’ve heard a few of the new fangled, clean burn bio mass power plants have gone bankrupt, dunno if the Gov has just stopped subsidising it.