Made it *At Last*

Well made it to Class 1
Passed class 2 October 2007 - Got my first flatbed job in March 2008
Passed class 1 June 2009 after being laid off several times and tramping around and enjoying 5 years of UK work
The company I work for has just been taken over and there was a vacancy for Class 1 as long as I relocated to Gloucester…
(I rent digs in Birmingham as I can not find a tramping position - My home is Newcastle Upon Tyne and get home once a month)

Passed my assessment drive today with flying colours and we even took the wrong trailer !!! Whoops !!! But really enjoyed it - Yes reversing needs work but I did not panic and it has helped driving the Wagon and Drag now and then.

Got the position and start Monday - Nights
I do feel ready, now I have gained experience in class 2
So as you say “Right place - Right time” taken 4 years but there at last and before I hit 45 !!! Yikes. :smiley:

Let me be the first to congratulate you! :slight_smile: Best of luck with it.


Can’t sleep - still on a high
Fork lift course at 8am :unamused: