Got a call out of the blue from Macs in Leeds, they were in the do-do one weekend and I did a panic load for them.
My terms are 30 days on spot hire, 2 months on and one red o/due …no pennies.

Proceed with extreme care gents.
Next stop a winding up order■■?

Don’t think integrity is a prerequisite these days. :imp:

Oh yes Sir. The winding up order really gets things to an interesting level. Although I thought it had to be in excess of £500 for that?

My mate put one on a rather large finance group last year and they had a weekend of not being able to provide finance for the weekend for a large manufacturer. (There must have been a big Q…) hint.

Great Bear are pretty bad payers as well so be warned.

It is in excess of £500 AND I’m feeling the need to make a fuss.


Good luck, go get em! :smiling_imp:

Macfarlanes have just coughed and paid the invoice from early December after a last chance phonecall from my office.

Spot hire terms with us are 30 days, this is quite clear. In future when they are in the s…t, they can dig their own way out I’d rather have the truck valeted that day and polish my horn. :smiling_imp:

p.s. don’t worry about what your mother told you, it won’t send you blind!

Thanks for this boys.They keep ringing me offering work.Prob cause you guys tell them where to go.