M62 15th april 1800hrs westbound

Boy, 11, killed in M-way pile-up
An 11-year-old boy has been killed and a number of people suffered serious injuries in a six vehicle pile-up on the M62 in West Yorkshire.

The accident happened on the westbound carriageway near Rothwell just after 1800 BST on Tuesday.

The collision involved a HGV and five other vehicles.

The driver of a heavy goods vehicle has been arrested and is being questioned by police. Investigations into the cause of the crash are ongoing.

Officers said 10 people suffered a number of injuries.

The boy and other passengers are thought to be from the Hull area

condolences to the family

How very sad :frowning:

condolences to the families who have lost someone.

but why was the driver arrested? was he a brit or what? do we know yet?

but why was the driver arrested? was he a brit or what? do we know yet?

In my experience, when someone loses their life in a crash…the cops usually arrest the person(s) they think most likely to be at fault (unless it’s the deceased who obviously caused the crash). They get nicked on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and interviewed on tape in relation to what happened. A lengthy and very thorough investigation then ensues, which could take months.

Personally I don’t always agree that arresting someone at the scene is the best policy, but that’s just another example of police bureaucracy taking precedence over what’s most practical and humane.

I hated going to fatals…very upsetting (thank **** I don’t have that to do anymore).

My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased.

the poor blokes got to live with the fact that he was involved in a crash where someone lost their life then gets arrested to boot.

how lucky is he?

i just hope and pray that never happens to me in the job?

the 11 year old that died was the 6th passenger in a ford focus unfortunetly whoever was driving is responsible for his death, and should be treated as such.