M6 Madness

What the ■■■■ have they been doing northbound, south of J19?

Been going that way a few times around 9-10pm and the roadworks have been causing unmitigated carnage, queuing for miles for seemingly no reason.

Anyone else caught up in the ■■■■ show or shed any light on the reasons for closing 3 of the 4 lanes?

Blimey use any other route of choice,except the M6,between Coventry and Preston who’d have thought it and even the M40 between London and the Midlands only with a lot of scepticism. :smiling_imp: :laughing:

Because to get that stretch open on secdule, and not get penalties for late opening, they now close it at night, for routine maintenance, which means it’s not finished on time.

Yeah, I got caught in this last week around 2200. See also M6 North between 10 and 10A between 2100 and 2300.

I can accept road works at night and rolling road blocks to keep the men safe as they put the cones out. What I can’t accept is that we’ve just had years of driving through 22 miles of dangerously narrow lanes through the Cheshire M6 so they could build loads of gantries to display info and then fail to tell you when there are 30-45 minute delays up the road which they themselves are causing to schedule.

At least if they gave you the info on the way up you could choose an alternative route rather than driving into the back of this.

Lazy, useless scumbags so they are.

Hate to bring bad news.
But There doing the m62 around the m60 junction.
And overhead signs and local paper saying expect sever delays from.june .
overnight weekend closures. As they begin the process and installing the gantrys and stuff.

I live in the area got a letter last year saying there converting the m56 into a smart motorway.
But that’s been put on hold/cancelled as somone with sense I guess. Said they start that got the m6 ongoing the m62 and m60 .
The place will be gridlocked in all directions as to many road works in same area.

I’ve been caught out a couple of times this last couple of weeks j18 to J19, costing me 30 minutes each time resulting in having to break at Gretna … Now I look on Google Maps for info and get off at 18 and back on at 19…this way costs me 10 minutes but it means I can still get to Johnstone Bridge in under 4hrs 30…
Matrix info would be a wonderful thing… Ive asked the question at both HE and NW Motorway police but got no replies .

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It’s not just having 3 of 4 lanes closed, it’s the time they start doing it and the way they go about it.

The first time I came across them, I dutifully started moving from lane 1 to 2 etc when the gantries had the arrows. As I sat in the queue I watched others still going in the still live lanes that I had moved over from because the gantries were telling me to. It was only when I got towards the front of the now massive queue and there were 3 red x’s that I could see beyond to where the roadworks (actual cones) should have started and could see…NOTHING!!!

No workers, no cones, no nothing except people moving back over to take up the supposed closed lanes!! To say I was livid would be an understatement.

I wasn’t in any particular hurry that night but I can imagine that others may well have been and to spend at least 30mins in a queue for nothing is a bitter pill.

Suffice to say the next couple of times I’ve happened upon them, it’s been straight up to the front in lane 1. I only moved over so as not to go under the red x’s, something that didn’t seem to deter alot of others, because the cones didn’t start for a good while after.

Like I say, madness!

Bunch of Clowns and you can’t lodge a complaint via HE switchboard.
Was past J19 couple of times 2300 past two weeks and frigging NOBODY working in the THREE closed lanes.

Bunch of Clowns and you can’t lodge a complaint via HE switchboard.
Was past J19 couple of times 2300 past two weeks and frigging NOBODY working in the THREE closed lanes.

I’ve heard before about people who have put complaints in about this sort of thing, the answer you usually get is that they are getting the drivers used to having the lanes closed for a period of time before the actual road works.

Honestly, not joking

There useless not long ago I rang the number.
Explained I’m a hgv driver be setting off early hours is the m6 closed overnight?
The woman tapped away. Said no your fine there’s no closures this week.
So went bed got up set off n surprise surprise m6 was shut overnight.

Closing lanes is one thing… Not putting prior warning on the matrix is another… The chance to divert would be a fine thing…

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