M6 chaos

well yesterday saw the second set of road works go in on the m6 j8 to j9 and j9 southound shut, apparently it’s until december and will be an absolute pig.
i can see that the work needs doing as the road is as rough as i’ve seen a motorways but why shut the junction? the diversion sends you up to j10, already a very busy roundabout and then back down, so you end up in exactly the same place but ten minutes later :confused: came out of darleston around 12 yesterday and it took 45 min to reach the 42, try it at tea time and i think you’ll double that! surely it would’ve been better to do it a section at a time?

You blokes want to spoil all the fun. I bet you`re the sort that stops at zebra crossings to let people cross. :laughing:

lol i was out of Darlaston yesterday too, as i was heading down to cov i saw the tailbacks heading north around 12 ish, when i was heading back at 3pm it was chaos, but when i got to J11 m6 north was in chaos from J11 to J6…it was terrible all the way to the nw it was stop, go,stop,go…car drivers like flashing there brake lights for the slightest thing causing more jams,lol

Of course the toll road isnt struggl;ing for buisness ,so it would be a good idea to shut the M6 and get some money in …

Did i say that out loud !


I got stuck in the jam about 2230 on Thursday night as they had the M6 closed south at the M5 split. Took about half an hour to get through and they were in the process of removing all the white chevrons and altering the gantry sign for lane 2 to read “M6 only” from “M5 & M6”.

if the toll was a realistic price we’d all be using it!
anyone know if theres a weekly ticket?

if you wanna miss the roadworks and the toll if your coming up the m1 instead of coming off and going up the m6 stay on the m1 and go across the a50 from east mids airport to stoke :laughing:

paul b:
if the toll was a realistic price we’d all be using it!
anyone know if theres a weekly ticket?

This is why it’s handy to work for a Shipping Line who don’t keep up with the Haulage gossip…No M6 Toll boycott here, just put it down as expenses like everything else and Bob’s flying past all the traffic at 56mph. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: