M42 north bound closed M5 to J1

Just heard this on the midlands news - got no more info yet…

M5 to M42 J1 northbound


why dont i read the post heading doh

it was shut at 4.30am heading onto the M42 from the M6,i just went down to the next junction and came off there and followed the signs for Tamworth.


The exit off the M5 onto M42 northbound was shut, i left Wendsbury at 3am this morning and the signs on M6 and M5 were saying so, i came off at J4 A38 and got on M42 at Junction 1.

Radio 2 said at 6.30 this morning it had been shut for investigation work!!

it’s a joke all through the m42/m6 roadworks now…down to single lane.
i followed an old couple through the whole m6 overkill roadworks at 30mph.that was after they negotiated the on slip at spaghetti where they nearly turned right to head north up the south side.they figyred it out and duly done the whole lot at 30.looked like a ■■■■■■■ pace car with everyone behind my van doing a cracking impression of lewis hamilton warming up his tyres.i kept moving over so everyone could see it wasn’t me holding em up… :unamused: