M25 Jn 26 Truckstop

Parked here tonight, £15 to park with a meal 2 teas and a small beer chucked in.
Parking area a bit small and bumpy, but ok…Not alot of choice on the food, it had all run out, well the specials had all gone before 6 o’clock…
I will park here again but get in early…Oh yea none of orys friends were there either!!!
The women in the cafe should try and smile a bit more, or is it all southerners are miserable!!!
The guy who directs the parking is a decent enough chap tho.
Toilets and shower are clean.
Plenty of cameras

I’ve been there a couple of times during the day, food has been alright.
Never overnighted there though.
Don’t worry about the miserable woman, The one with short
dark hair, it’s nothing personnal, I’ve been
there about 15 times and i’ve never seen her smile :unamused:

a few minutes walk towards epping forest theres 2 decent pubs the one on the right is expensive though!!

stay there often and i think its good the food is reasonable and the price is right
as for the smile bit of flattery soon coaxes one out

i was there few weeks ago …got there about 7 had a free bottle of beer with my grub …food was ok and had a laugh with them

parked here a couple of times food great both times as you say get there early

Another dump. Parking very small and literally backs onto the M25 hard shoulder. Full of pot holes. Full by 16.00hrs with ridged’s. Two portacabins knocked into one and separate toilet/shower cabin. Rubbish shower, typical portacabin toilet. Can’t remember if I paid for the shower.
I was desperate to get off the road so forced to pay the £16.00 parking which included £6 for meal. I was hungry but not enough to be enticed by what was on offer. The two girls working there agreed to give me 3 tinnies of Fosters in exchange for the “meal”. It had a TV and a few sad sitting around pretending to have fun.
I went back to my truck, drank one tin and hit the sack. Woke up and left.

I can envisage only one reason to stop here, thaco says “get off the road NOW!!”.

( language edit ) jd

Toilets and shower are clean.
Plenty of cameras
Sounds a bit dodgy :confused:

Only stopped there once, Paid for parking as i was loaded in a brand new rigid Yep curtains cut to shreds!!!

dont know if its been posted but planning permission has been granted to turn the farmhouse into showers cafe and bar and work is now well underway from the looks of it its gonna be a decent stopover spot