M180 j4-5 avoid if possible

M180 closed both ways between junction 4 (A15 Scunthorpe) and junction 5 (A18 Barnetby Top) due to a series of accidents which have occurred after a caravan overturned. 3 hgv’s also involved. Diversion is going through Brigg town centre so expect delays.

See, car drivers, AGAIN…!!! #csitnuk :slight_smile:

I passed this westbound earlier after coming from Grimsby. I spent 2 hours stuck in the tailback merrily watching all the “S” reg Corsas’ et all in the queue boil their nuts off.

The crash scene itself looked like an air crash spread over a very wide area. I’d be surprised if there were no fatalities. If so, my condolences to friends and family.

I have no idea of the cause as I was travelling the opposite way and could only carry out a cursory CSI investigation :wink:

As an aside, my bleedin Snooper gave me no warning of this holdup as I left Grimsby, but it did earlier warn me of snowfall at Reigate! Go figure.

Did you see the obligatory lorry drives being held in cuffs at the road side by any chance ?

scunthorpetelegraph.co.uk/UP … story.html :open_mouth: