M1 South today, anyone see

I’m travelling south just north of the Daventry turn off at about half seven.Traffic is slow as there’s been an accident. There was a HGV on Northbound hard shoulder with three blowouts to trailer on O/S. tyre van was in attendance and they were moving the vehicle along the hard shoulder!
Truck to say the least was listing to one side and I expected it to end up on it’s side. Came back past at about half ten and same truck is just south of M1/M45 still on hard shoulder but this time with no rubber on rear trailer, rims looking to be completely goosed.
So it must have travelled in the state it was for a good 4 or 5 miles and is in the process of being attached to a spec lift. Tyres still shagged so it can’t have been towed far.
What the hell was all that about?

I wasn’t there but just say if he has had a violent blow out in the middle axle tyre it may have blown the other 2 out. I had a blow out last year that blew out the air lines to the brakes :angry:

The leaning double deck northbound was there last night at 7pm
Looks as if he put it on soft verge for some reason and it obviously sank!

I saw it and wondered why a recovery vehicle was hooked up to it, it was past junction 18 when I saw it as I let a bloke out into middle lane to go past it safely as it was in hard shooulder with HATO’s present. So the goof had been towing it with all three o/s tyres blown?? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
I must have passed it around 11ish.

I passed it going south on the way to the yard, it was just on the hard shoulder and the O/S rear trailer tyre was ■■■■■■. It was leaning to one side a bit. An hour later when I was on the way home going north it had moved, it was now on the soft verge (not on the hard shoulder) and all O/S tyres were hanging off in shreds.