M1 Leicester

Anyone agree with me that the road works between jct 21 & jct 20 on the M1 south by Leicester are stupid, as you come by the Leicester Forest East services where they’re are 4 lanes trucks are penned into the second lane the M1/M69 lane causing congestion as ■■■■■■ car drivers us that lane to cut across to come off at Jct 21, also they have put a speed limit of 40mph on that stretch does anyone know why? And to top that have speed cameras that take an average speed.

been each way 4 times this week its crap i agree but as i am paid by the hour i just chill and go with the flow :laughing: :laughing:

Thank [zb] I’m going the other way next week. I had a good look at it this morning and would hate to work in those roadworks with people ignoring the speed limits and doing 70+ mph down their. It does pee me off, but it doesn’t take a lot longer. Ah well, once they’ve resurfaced it, they’re planning to widen it :open_mouth::roll:.

The one thing that did annoy me, was an Audi doing 28mph :unamused: through their and then hitting the breaks for the speed cameras :unamused:. I’ve got a limiter set and cruise on. He has one (I know he has), so why can’t he use it?