M1 Leicester

Anyone know what is happening on the M1?

Friend of mine is stuck there somewhere, closed both ways apparently. Google traffic says not due to re-open until 10am while HA says early hours

bbc reporting multi vehicle accident. Closed between J22 and J21a both directions.

Diversion in operation - Via the hollow black triangle symbols via the A46 - A50 and re join M1 at J22

bbc rating severe

Serious accident apparently not due to reopen till tomorrow morning

And now apparently theres been an accident on the A50 diversion route


Thats gunna ■■■■ the parcel trunk men up :cry:

Yup, glad i’m not on the Fedex job !

bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-le … e-30201737

M1 in Leicestershire closed after seven car crash closes motorway,

Leicestershire Police said one person has been arrested after the crash between junctions 21A and 22 at about 18:40 GMT.

The Highways Agency said the motorway is expected to be closed until Wednesday morning.

It is not yet known if anyone has been injured.

The crash near the junctions for Leicester and Coalville involved a lorry and six cars, police said.

Police, fire and ambulance crews could remain on the scene until 10:00 GMT.

I came past it southbound at 7 this evening. Must have only just happened as there was one sole blue light on the scene. Carlsberg curtainsider jack-knifed across 2 lanes northbound had spilled it’s contents of beer kegs. Several cars in various states strewn about the carriageway. Nothing appeared to have crossed onto the other carriageway. Made me take it easy for the rest of my journey that’s for sure.

You know what they say…

If Carlsberg did Motorway crashes…

Let’s just hope nobody is too poorly after that mess eh.

Update #
Southbound M1 from J22 now open .
Northbound from J21a M1 remaining closed until at least 1pm Weds afternoon due to requirement for resurfacing work after large diesel spill from incident.

Came through the diversion at about 5am this morning. It was running clear then (well it would be at that time) local radio reporting two lanes now open and unfortunately one fatality.

Further up coming into roadworks at J28 a lorry had run into the back of a car blocking lanes two and three. Luckily I passed it before the blue lights arrived and the ensuing carnage.

Edit to add; radio 2 just reported that M1 is still closed northbound at Leicester.

is there an echo in the room ? :laughing: :laughing:

the maoster:
Further up coming into roadworks at J28 a lorry had run into the backof a car blocking lanes two and three.


You there’s something you don’t see that often do you :confused:

leicestermercury.co.uk/Motor … story.html

seth 70:
Thats gunna ■■■■ the parcel trunk men up :cry:

yep, one of those double decker jockeys nearly took my o/s mirror off, overtaking me at the bottom of the off slip going southbound.


M1 North from J21a now re-opened . 13:25 hrs …
Happy trunking :grimacing:

According to BBC radio Leicester a lorry crossed the central barrier from south to north

I had my rigid test today with Data Academy and they have their own test centre at Markfield but this acident and the aftermath of traffic meant the tests were all held at Thurmaston DSA own site for reversing. it also meant I didn’t know the roads that side of the city. Bummer!!!

I am from Leicester but not from that side of city myself…however…I still passed

so although today was a nightmare due to accidents on M1…just goes to show I can drive a truck no matter what roads I am on…in hindsight this has also given me more confidence in my driving as opposed to going on the roads I already know…good for the future

M1 and other roads all now open anyhow and thought are all with the injured. Highways Agency relly need to do something about that junction as it seems to be an accident blackspot

I had my rigid test today with Data Academy … passed

:smiley: :smiley: