M1 Jnc 18- 16 south closed 14/01/13 14:00

Going to be a long one :confused: M45 closed as well.

Northamptonshire, southbound between A5 [M1 junction 18] and A45 [M1 junction 16]
M1 Northamptonshire - M1 closed and queueing traffic southbound between J18, A5 (Rugby) and J16, A45 (Daventry), because of an accident involving a van and a car. Matrix sign set to 40 mph.
Updated 8 minutes ago

I was stuck going north bound, the van is 90 degrees across the carriageway.

I am now stuck before jct 20, been at a standstill for 15 mins. 5 police cars just gone down the hard shoulder.

Unfortunately it`s a fatal. Not suprised, saw the impact in my mirrors. Not something I will forget in a hurry. :cry: