M1 closed

bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-no … e-38494564

The M1 has been closed northbound in Nottinghamshire after a fire on a lorry carrying 1,000 crates of pre-packed food.

It happened at about 03:00 GMT at Trowell services near junction 25 to Nottingham and Derby.

Two of the four lanes and the hard shoulder are shut, causing severe delays.

Traffic is being diverted through Nottingham, causing problems on the bus network during rush-hour.

Come off at 24A, along the A50 to the A38 and up that way to avoid it.

The motorway was reopened about 0415, I had just pulled into Trowel to diesel up and we were stopped on the hard shoulder of the services exit, they had been letting traffic through when I pulled into the services so thought it would be OK. Won’t make that mistake again.

It was an Acado I think trailer with crates, the fire brigade were pulling crates out of the back when they released us albeit reduced down to one lane past the scene. The unit had been detached from the trailer and looked OK.

I get the whole saefty aspect but it was on the hard shoulder and it’s 4 lanes surely they could have put lane closures on and just kept the outside lane open once the fire brigade were attending, most of the smoke was going straight up or to the left so visibility on the north and southbound wasn’t an issue. There was at least 4 fire engines in attendance, one left and another arrived after the first 3 turned up.

Just had a Morrisons home delivery (from their Sheffield depot) and the driver told me that I was lucky to get it as the lorry on fire was carrying a lot of the orders for Sheffield from the main Tamworth warehouse. Fortunately for us (but unluckily for the delivery driver as he had hoped for a day off!) his van was already loaded! :laughing:


Setting up a caff in competition with the services ? Really cheap meals, all cooked and ready to go… oops.