m1 20 to 21

just for info

The scheme consists of resurfacing both carriageways and slip roads of the motorway to varying depths, repairs to barrier and drainage systems and re-waterproofing of structures between junctions 20 and 21 on the M1 in Leicestershire.

The scheme will utilise “quieter surfacing” and to confirm the reduction the Agency will carry out a before and after noise survey. The works are expected to be complete by Friday 18th November 2005, however this date is provisional and may be subject to change depending on weather conditions for example.

Preliminary works are due to start on Wednesday 29th June 2005. These works will last for approximately 2 weeks and will require Hardshoulder closures on both carriageways. Overnight, off peak, lane 1 closures will also be utilised.

The main works are due to start on the evening of Thursday 7th July. To allow these works to be carried out safely, traffic management including contraflows, various slip-road and lane closures will be utilised.

watch the cameras specs so i am told :unamused:

Cameras going up today, and were definately SPECS, so watch your speeds

40mph speed limits and deffernatly specs cameras, they were still putting them up yesterday so expect them to be operational asap