lymm truck stop

can you please advise as to the cost of lymm truck stop arriving in the middle of the night 2-3am,for a nine hr break at least.

thanks mark

I would have guessed it was somewhere in the region of a 2nd mortgage plus your first born child. :wink: :smiley:

However, according to the Highways agency Truckstop Guide it is days, free, nights, £8. You may be lucky and get away with it at the day rate. You could always call them on 01925 757777 and ask for their latest prices etc.

last time i used it was £12 but that was some time ago, not sure what difference does it makes what time you arrive?

as coffee says £8 no meal ticket and it’s ticket in and ticket out so the rate is for 9hrs…

having stopped there on thursday i can confirm that it is £8 and you pay on the way out.
sometimes during the day they have the barriers open on the exit but the security is very good and if he knows you have been there for a long time then he will stop you as you try to leave and demand the fee for overnight parking.

at £8 it isn’t worth the hassle of trying to cheat them out of their fees, pay up before you leave.

the showers are a bit hit and miss and the bogs need a revamp but the macdonalds next door is good enough for something to eat, the actual truckstop restaurant is a bit hit and miss too but if you don’t like macd’s then pick something that isn’t sitting on the counter already, jacket spud etc.

Security cant be that good, ECM had a car took off the back of one of there wagons 2 weeks ago at Lymm, so beware of the thieving [zb]'s.

To be honest matey that time of day you will be lucky to find a slot to park in

To be honest matey that time of day you will be lucky to find a slot to park in

Agree with that. I got there about 8pm one night recently and had to park in an ‘unofficial’ space which was certainly not ideal. I think you have to be in early to get parked.