LUXEMBORG new traffic laws

LUXEMBURG as of 1st april2008

Hi-viz vests must be worn when you are on a motorway,dual.carriageway, etc,when dealing with a
accident,breakdown, or leave the vehicle
When you approach a traffic -jam or stationary traffic due toa incident,YOU must switch on your 4-way
flashers(indicators) TO WARN VEHICLES approaching from behind you,
IN a Tunnel when there is stationary traffic you must keep a 5 meters (minimum)space between you and the vehicle in front
When it rains vehicles over 7.5tn have had the speed limit raised and can now drive 90kms
when parking by the side of the road a distance of 5meters from all pedestrian & bicycle crossings
No stopping at a BUSSTOP;
THE Fines will range from €24–€145
but they can increase if required,

common sense then

common sense then

common sense isnt common anymore though