low cab volvo

before i stopped driving i used to do fruit from kent up to the midlands and when loading in kent there were loads of spanish motors and one thing baffled me there cabs esspecially the volvos sat lower with hardly anyroom between the tyre and wheel arch and recently my mate bought a 6x2 volvo and that sits low aswell now i know its not down to lowprofile tyres cuz its the cab that sits lower any ideas anyone

im not 100% sure but i presumed that it was because there is a 4 meter hight limit on most of the continent.hence the lower wagons.


Its because of the height limits abroad, and also means that taller trailers could be operated because all the running gear, truck and trailer are lower,

Some do this just by fitting low profile tyres but there are also different suspension components to obtain this lower height,

I think is quite common for these low riders to have full front and rear air suspension but I have seen some with springs on the front,

From a personal opionion I do not like them, As they are a real pain to get under when they breakdown, And they look strange, you usually step up into a truck not step off the kerb and your on the top step!!!