Love DM's ?

I love Doc Martin’s, always have and hated wearing other boots for work. The last pair I got were ordered on line and when they arrived although still nice DM’s they were of a thinner leather and have not lasted as long as previous pairs, the sole has worn away and there is no tread, at well over $100 a pair I was not happy. This weekend we were on our was to buy a replacement pair from a shop in Albany which is 90 miles south. On the way the missus needed something for Walmart so I went in with here and as she wandered around I checked out the footwear section out of sheer curiosity and found some steel toe boots called ‘Survivors’ the soles looked remarkably like Dr Martins, I checked them out, they only cost $64.00, I bought a pair and have worn them at work now for a couple of days, I can tell you that I find them the most comfortable boots I have ever worn, they have almost identical soles to DM’s and are more comfortable… If you like DM’s check them out and save some money.

hi pat big doccer fan myself got brand new pair from the doc shop m,keynes nowadays the boots r made out east about 80quid but english made originals diffrent quality leather about 150 quid m8

I tell you mate, I am so impressed with these, I will never waste money on real DM’s again, they look exactly the same and feel better.

ye m8 nothing stays same i aint wore my new ones yet all shined up ready for rugby game next friday watching the saints and a few pints guinness :smiley:

Ive always thought of DM’s as more of a fashion statement than a ‘working’ boot. Have used CAT boots for 15 years now and theyve always lasted me really well (3 pairs in that time) excellent build quality and quality materials used. I’d rather pay £150 for a pair every 5 years than £60 having to replace inferior boots every year.

Tried Cat and Carhart among others but the soles are solid and heavy, there’s nothing so comfortable as a bouncing sole :smiley:

When I was a kid, about 40 yrs ago now, when I was about 12, all my mates were getting DM’s for Xmas (10 holes for the well off, 7 holes for the poor) but my mother wasn’t into named brands and got me a pair of ■■■■■■■ Monkey boots, (remember them ?)
Took some living down that did.

ha ha ye neil i remember them had to be doccers or nothing bought my 1st pair myself as i worked weekends on my aunties market stall saved up and got me 1st pair 10 h0les :smiley:

My first were great ! High legged Hawkins Astronauts, I could have my Levi turn up’s about 3 inches bellow the knee :laughing:
Couldn’t afford new ones so I got them second hand on Northampton market LOL

ha ha ye i progressed to 2pairs one black and one pair oxblood 4 special nights out with the lads l.o.l

Never had a pair of DM’s prob because all the kids down R way who had em was always in bother …

On the footwear front though once bought a pair of steel TC shoes just for a change from boots in the summer what a pair :sunglasses: got them at what was G B Briton local footwear manufacture to me in Kingswood, Bristol.
They cost me a pretty penny then even though on sale prices and they had loads of them.
After a few weeks of ■■■■■ feet I though I’d fork out for another pair ready for next year , No such luck sold out, nothing left and discontinued the line :frowning: they were by far the best shoes I ever had they were like the old man’s fireside slippers…

DMs now made in china nowhere as near well made but not cheap. I used to always get the DM dealer boots but now get the jcb ones. Comfy long lasting and much cheaper.

ha ha ye i progressed to 2pairs one black and one pair oxblood 4 special nights out with the lads l.o.l

‘Oxblood’ … My greatest DM moment was actually being able to afford a brand new pair of oxblood ‘Airwear’ from Milletsin the Drapery, I kept them that wonderful colour for years, after about 2 - 3 years the sole split, I took them to Millets to ask if they could get them repaired, believe it or not, they not only replaced the soles but the uppers as well … free of charge :smiley:

ha ha ye good ol millets not far from my aunties market stall where i was usually there earning a few pounds cash . u could also go into burtons and get a teddy boy suit made l.o.l im not that old but had 3 quater length drape made black with blue silk lining .jesus i feel old l.o.l

only tried them once , lovely and comfy until i fell asleep in the works cabin . my feet were next to the nice warm stove at the time and i awoke to a mighty bang , the soles exploded . i only got the boots 2 days before .