lOST landing leg shambles

One of my customers has been having trouble with the landing legs on one of his trailers. It seems that the manufacturer tries to put every possible obstacle in the way of anyone wanting to do other than renew the complete leg. All that is needed is new plastic bushes for the shafts because the worn ones are allowing tooth to tooth contact and consequent jamming of the gears. The cost? less than 1/3 of the price of one leg to repair both and an easy renewal process.

Parts diagram is ambiguous to say the least. No we don’t use the part number stamped on the part for ordering sir, you need to use the ordering number in our parts catalogue sir. It’s the SAME number FFS! Individual bushes are only obtainable in a kit sir. Ok order kits then. Kit one arrives without one vital bush because there is a hole in the plastic bag. Kit two arrives without necessary bush because a whole batch never had it put in the bag in the first place.

Enquiries reveal that the central parts warehouse have a habit of damaging legs while handling them and the bush in kit one gets broken. So what do they do? they rob a Kit one in the parts bin of the necessary bush … and put the rest of the kit back on the shelf! All the warehouse stock in the UK contains kits with this bush missing.

Parts have to be re-ordered from Germany. Arriving by one-winged carrier pigeon.

landing leg parts have always been awkward to source ive fished legs out of scrap skips with only a sheared sellock , roll pin because fitters couldnt get replacements or didnt know how to strip the leg,jost have taken over Edbro tipping gears and the spare parts are now a nightmare.