Lorry driver dies after crash on A40 near Raglan, Monmouthsh

A lorry driver has died after the vehicle left the carriageway of the A40 in Monmouthshire, police have said.

Emergency services were called to the one-vehicle crash near Raglan at 11:11 GMT.

The northbound carriageway remained closed between Raglan and the Monmouth tunnels for investigation work.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said the lorry left the carriageway and ended up in a ditch close to Raglan Service Station.

The Welsh ambulance service sent five vehicles and a helicopter.

A spokesperson added: “We sent three rapid response vehicles, an emergency ambulance, the hazardous area response team and the Helimed helicopter to the scene.”

One fire crew from Malpas and two from Monmouth were at the scene.

RIP Driver and condolences to his family.

i came off the raglan bypass, heading south at about 11.15 and wondered why there was a lone copper trying to veer all the northbound traffic off onto the raglan exit.

everyone was coming off then turning back onto the entrance slip, bet they regretted that move.

brings it home that this job can be dangerous and unlike an office/ factory worker we have this possibility every day .

I saw a Stobart wagon ran off the road near there today. Wonder if it’s the same one :open_mouth:

Terry T:
I saw a Stobart wagon ran off the road near there today. Wonder if it’s the same one :open_mouth:

It was. Didn’t appear to have suffered any cab damage though, and there didn’t appear to be any other vehicle involved. Wrecker was just pulling it out when I went past. It seemed to have stayed upright and veered off into the hedge in front of the old services.

Wonder if the driver had suffered a heart attack or something?

RIP driver, there but for the grace of God…

Heart attack is what I’m thinking, didn’t look all that bad to me. Unless a branch went through the screen or something.

Still, sad news.

R.I.P. Driver. Never like to speculate what happens these accidents. Thoughts are with family and friends of the driver who died doing their job.

RIP driver.


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I still can’t believe I saw the same crash. That truck didn’t look like it was in a ditch to me and I went past within an hour of it happening. Would’ve been there sooner had it not been for the spillage closing the 449.

Lovely tribute sounds like he was a nice man :slight_smile: Shame. RIP :cry:

Tough notice.Im sorry for his family. RIP :frowning:

Poor bugger. Condolences to family and friends.

Sincere condolences the late drivers family, and loved ones. Forget all the speculation ladies and gentlemen. He was one of us who was doing his job - like we do. It could be anyone of us at anytime on any day. Let it rest.