Lorries with 9-speed Fuller Roadranger 'boxes

Lorries with 9 speed Fullers
This thread seeks to identify as many makes and models of lorries as possible, that had the 9-speed Fuller Roadranger ‘box.
I appreciate that the 13-speed Fuller ‘box was only a 9-speed ‘box with overdrive on the top four gears but they were quite different to use, simply because the 9-speeder could be used clutch-less, but the splitter mechanism on the 13-speeder demanded use of the clutch to send the split gears through. One blogger has argued with me on this point elsewhere, and I respect his views on the subject. Arguably too, the 13-speeder was a more efficient ‘box because of the increased number of ratios.
Nonetheless, I am looking for evidence of 9-speed ‘boxes on this particular thread. I have actually collected lots of evidence already, which I’ll share with you (as I always do). The biggest problem is not identifying makes / models that had Fuller 9s, but finding actual pictures of lorries that we can be certain had Fuller 9s in them. For example, we all know that, in theory, B-series ERFs were equipped with Fuller 9s as standard equipment, but photos of ERFs do not give away the gearbox within!
In some models, 9-speed Fullers were only offered under certain circumstances, or with certain engines. For example, DAF specified the 9-speed Fuller for its (then new) DKSE model, but only in Britain (European models had 16-speed ZFs).
So I’m striving in this thread to match actual pictures of lorries, to evidence of the Fuller 9 attached to their engines! Let’s start by moving from the ‘known’ to the ‘unknown’, by showing some pics of trucks that I drove with 9-speed Fullers, so that I know for certain that they had ‘em. Stocking this thread is not as easy as it looks, chaps! Going to be an interesting one, this! Robert 

More units with 9-speed Fuller that I drove. Robert :smiley:


border valour 2800.jpg

AEC Ergos didn’t normally have Fuller ‘nines’ but there were exceptions and there were retro-fitments. Photos courtesy of Fryske. Robert

AEC Fuller box.jpg
AEC Fuller.jpg

Atki Borderers tended to have 10-speed 'boxes, though some acquired 9-speed ones. The Atkinson Venturer (6x4) was the one that was fitted with standard 9-speed 'boxes. Who can find a picture to match that? Robert

Sorry to join the ranks of the naysayers, but these blokes seem to be able to drive quite happily without the clutch:

Well spotted Anorak. I suspect that the 13-speed Fuller has evolved over time. Without a doubt, the '70s ones I drove required clutch assistance to send the split gear through, unless you were happy to go through the palavar of bunny-hopping. I’m quite happy with bunny-hopping techniques, but my choice of 9-speed isn’t really based on whether it is better or not. I just wanted to isolate this rather special gearbox to explore just how many models attracted it. The 13-speed is a bit of red herring! Robert


Monsieur Saviem may be able to fill us in on this one. Robert

Bussings from Germany.





Thie was a 9 speed fuller, 3424 but was updated at ■■■■■■■ rainham, was never the quickest but would pull like a train


If I recall rightly this one was fuller equipped as well


Thie was a 9 speed fuller, 3424 but was updated at ■■■■■■■ rainham, was never the quickest but would pull like a train

Cheers Tubbysboy, the 9-speed Fuller in the old Transcon was certainly a good tool! Robert :slight_smile:

My old dad always swore by 9 speed fullers as opposed to the 13 speed ones, reckoned you only changed down when you really had to, and even though slower on the flat once a hill came the 9 speed would out pull a 13 speed every time, don’t know if it’s true as only drove 13 speed fuller in MAN and a bit later a twin spilt in a strato…the man was a much smoother change

I had 3 Guy big j’s fitted with the 9 speed Fuller, An R reg with a 180 Gardner, and 2 M reg’s one with a 280 Rolls the other had the early 290 ■■■■■■■■ Also had 400/401 Seddon Atkinsons with the same box but I never understood why you could have two identical motors with a different shift pattern, for instance 2 Guy’s were delivered on sister reg numbers one with the H gate pattern and the other with the W gate, I prefered the latter as with top gear forward it didn’t dig in your leg so much !
The 3 Guys were horses for courses, the Rolls would outpull anything we had and a lot got turned into wreckers when they had finished, the one with the 290 ■■■■■■■ was the fastest lorry I have ever driven then or since, the Gardner 180 probably the most economical and at the time was the slowest thing in the yard at 58mph, these days it would be the quickest in the yard. :laughing:

My Marathon had the Fuller RTO9509A box,TL12 engine. I also drove one the same with 250 ■■■■■■■■■■■ numbers were PCL 553R and TVF 972R and you could not wish for owt better in those days.

drove couple of leyland bisons with 9speed CDH614T and YFC233V and also a foden haulmaster PEA611W,good fast changes better than this auto rubbish nowadays!

I drove a few of these Crusaders at Sykes and also a Atkinson venturer 6x4 at Pickfords with the fuller box also drove Sed-Atks Strato,s and ERF with the same box

cheers Johnnie

Great stuff chaps, keep 'em coming. The thing I liked about the 9-speed Fuller was that you had a stick-change for every single gear, and as it was constant mesh you could use the clutch when you chose to. Here are some more examples. I’m having a lot of trouble uploading anything onto TNUK at the moment, but I’ll deliver when I can! Robert :slight_smile: