Looking to invest

I have recently been forced to sell my haulage company much to my distain. I have been left with a small amount of capital and a wealth of knowledge of the transport industry. I still have many contacts too.

I am looking for any body or small family run firm who would be intrested in going into a partnership with me. But I will warn you now that I won’t be giving up my contacts easily and thus a legal agreement would have to be met before going to far down this road.

I am based in Buckinghamshire. This is a geniune offer and thus if you are not serious about the fore mentioned please do not get in touch.

Roaming spirt.

So what you mean is- you have lost company along with your operators licence & want somebody with good repute to front your new company while you can carry on with “your” existing customers -…umm■■?

Way of the mark. Sorry. Try again. You know nothing of me or the circumstances around why I decided to call it a day. Thank you for the intrest though. It has made me smile. :confused:

pm me your credentials please, along with your credit references. And we maybe in business!

:unamused: :grimacing:


easier than finding a naughty woman methinks…

Hi mate.
Sorry to hear of your misfortune,my best guess you had to sell to pay a divorce settlement or summat?
Doesn’t matter anyway,thats in the past,as long as you kept your repute as a TM (which I assume was the case?)
Would you mind letting on what was the nature of your business,i.e,tippers/fridge work/whatever/?
Might be a long way removed from what I do,but no harm in asking.
PM me if you’d rather keep it discreet.

I will be in a position to take this enquiry further if your still looking at the end of September and anything is possible then
even down to you working your clients from home say using “Our” fleet of trucks.
This mainly European work though…Export and Import that I will be involved in.
The company is Privately owned, well funded…and well established.
Maybe we can talk again then…and if needed PM me please.

I don’t see what is werid about this topic. It sounds like another poor sod has hit the skids which isn’t really news these days.

If the bloke has managed to come out of it with a bit of loot and wants another crack at it so be it. Maddness. But so be it.

Sorry man, if you’ve got a viable business model & aren’t on the naughty step you just hire a load of trucks & trailers in & do it yourself whats all this looking for a partner BS?