Looking for some advice on companies

Now if you had a choice of companies to work for down Felixstowe or Ipswich on class 1 as a new driver who would you choose out of these ? And what’s the pay like and conditions ? Any known information would be very helpful

Macintyre ? Heard they pay well ? 300 waiting list ?

Seven ? Low pay or is this not true ?

Wincanton ? Don’t know nothing about these

Horley Motors ? Low pay ? Again Not sure if true

Just been told by a friend to send in cv or go into these firms and ask nothing gureenteed etc but worth a try ? who would you choose ?

All of them, take whichever comes first and try for yourself then just keep applying. Don’t take people’s word on what they think of a company, chances are they haven’t got a clue and what doesn’t work for them doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work for you. What have you to lose?

^ This. Have a go and find out what suits. I’ve lost count of the places I’ve been where people have told me how crap it was, without having worked there themselves, they just heard. While waiting to start my current employer I saw one of their units filling up, I nipped over to speak to the driver to see what it was like. 10 mins later I was panicking, he didn’t have a good word to say about the place, the management, the units, the pay or his workmates. Turns out he’d been there 8 years!

Try maritime pal, pay ok, easy work, good kit. Think they’re taking on down their.

Only you can judge fella,

When I moved to where I am now, everyone I talked to told me what a backside (and much worse) the bloke I work for is and tale upon tale of woe and hard work.

I’ve not had a problem with the chap, he’s decent enough, pays me when jobs get cancelled, didn’t chew me out over my prang, hasn’t moaned about anything, repairs the lorry immediately when I defect anything, leaves me to get on with my job and has told me on a number of occasions he’s happy with my work, my attitude, how I conduct myself with customers, keeping the motor clean and tidy etc etc.

In 5 years with my old employer I only got told I was valued the day I told him I was leaving, he moaned constantly about others, about his wife, repaired nothing, was generally a PITA to work for, yet everyone told me I was a fool to leave and the bloke carries a good name as an employer.

As I say you have to decide for yourself, remember you spend more time awake at work than anywhere else and if you aren’t happy find something else and leave.

Try maritime pal, pay ok, easy work, good kit. Think they’re taking on down their.

Thanks I will try them

Thanks for the advice guys yes I guess you are right some might say a boss is a C but you on the other hand might like him