Looking for part time work around ellesmere port

Hi all could anyone recommend a decent agency or large companies that would entertain a p/t driver in the ellesmere port area give or take a 30 mile radius

I use Proactive agency. 01244222014, Charles, Sean. hgv1 about £9ph or £95/shift

thanks for that matey have they any decent work going or any to try to avoid

Member dieseldave lives near there so may have some ideas

Downton at Preston Brook.

thanks for that its just that at the mo im living in Hull working for stobarts through agency as I can pick how much or how little I work but looking at moving over there to be near my other halfs family but don’t want to work out of widnes fresh as heard nothing but trouble about that place

As Rog says Dieseldave will tell you all .
Ellesmere Port is a wonderful place and welcomes all wagon drivers,plenty of tanker work and if you don’t have ADR Diesel davenport will teach you.
Best of luck ,Jim

whos diesel davenport is it by any chance dieseldave

Sorry guys, but I don’t think I could add any useful ideas here.

Some people seem to have an in-depth knowledge of which companies operate in which areas and the rates of pay/hours etc, but I’m afraid I’m not one of them.

I think that if I were the OP, I’d register with several agencies and see what comes of it.

try solutions if you want part time work on tankers mate

you could try Abbey Logistics they run a few from ellsmere port

Jack Richards & son in northwich depot, where looking for both part time/casual and full time drivers I was got told last week.
Should come in towards the top end of your 30mile radius.

many thanks to you all will explore all and see what comes along