Looking for my old Kenworth

Well Guys I have found a photo of my old kenworth Reg. DHW 665W which was taken by Peter J Davies and the name on the headboard was Philip Morris. If this jogs any memories I would be grateful for any more info on its whereabouts. Thanks lads, Gerry Holmes.

hello pop iam also searching for the olde bird i know it was owned by floods plant who went bust in 96 iam sure it was at truckfest,shepton mallet at that time.You never know someone on here might shed some light as to where it is now it must be off the road as it has not been taxed for some time.

can any 1 help me looking for my dads 2 old kenworths k100 regs are RTT 128W and GVV 55X RTT128W used to belong to beaver sports at hudersfield before we bought it then after running it for about 4 years we sold it to uncle sams circus iam looking for 1 to put back on the road so if any 1 knows ware thare is any for sale can yous let me know

Have a read through this thread viewtopic.php?f=35&t=41082&hilit=kenworth hopefully they get a mention.