Looking for info on Old Atkinson Lorry

I recently received this email from Clive Weston who is looking for his father’s 6 wheeler Atkinson


My father purchased a new Atkinson truck in or about 1942 ( I was 2 years old then ) . Vehicle reg # was GND 824 and registered in Manchester . Specification - 6 wheeled layout , Gardner 6LW , David Brown gearbox , and Kirstall axles.

I travelled many miles in that truck until many haulage Companies were Nationalised ( BRS ) in early 1950s.

I would dearly like to see and hear ( even get a ride in ) a similar truck .

Work took me to Aberdeen / Shire and that’s where I live now. However travel is not a problem - with friends and family all over the UK

Do you know of any clubs or owners where one of these truck may still be alive ■■?.

Kind Regards…Clive Weston , Kildrummy , Aberdeenshire

regards Big Al

52 hits on the thread but no info, have I stumped you Guys and Gals ? :unamused: :unamused:

regards Big Al

Hiya malcom harrison has a early 8 legger i think… hes not a bad bloke he;ll let you look around her
i don’t know what model it is, big al its the same or simular to the paynes 8 legger

Alan there is one on the rally scene I think it from the Angus/Perthshire area it is a mk11 model might even be ex Holt Lane that would be fairly handy for Aberdeen for him sorry I cant remember who has it. Eddie.

Its a 6 wheeler the one of Malcolm Harrisons

Cheers Lads and Lasses Clive has registered on TrucknetUK and will be posting soon.
Watching Mothertruckers on the TV, its not bad, I am enjoying.

regards Big Al