Looking for info on a firm in bedford , please help

Hi all , im new to the site and im basicly throwing out this longshot to you guys , my dad before he died used to work for a company in bedford called as far as i know called E.HULL LTD , they dealt with most types of haulage including some rather large loads as i recall when i was a child seeing a rather large trailer with about 30 plus tyres on it , i have tried my local council offices and they have there telephone number from very old phone directories but nothing else , all i can say without going into personal details is that when my dad passed away he destroyed everything of his and left no memories for us to remember him by , i have pieced alot of things together of his but this company still remains my hardest task , so i now leave my hopes in all your hands and just hope you may be able to help me out , many yhanks.



ta-daa! wonderful search facility on these forums :wink: i think truckerash recently promised to post some more e.hull photos on here too, so keep 'em peeled, and welcome to tnuk :smiley:

thankyou for the wonderfull link , you dont know what it means to me and my family to actually see some of the lorries of the firm my dad used to work for , if i get anymore replys and pictures from other users i will be over the moon too, its amazing how the internet can solve issues in hours when ive been looking for years. may thanks once again.


its amazing how the internet can solve issues in hours when ive been looking for years

too true, but it hasn’t managed to unearth one of my grandad’s old milk bottles, yet :laughing: i reckon truckerash will come up trumps with some more photos soon - you have to bear with him these days though as he’s a sucessful author too :grimacing: